Activities for If You Give A Dog A Donut by Laura Numeroff

Alphabet Letters in Dirt

If You Give A Dog A Donut: Laura Numeroff Week!

The newest addition to the If You Give A… children’s book series If You Give A Dog A Donut is another fun and exciting tale of cause and effect by Laura Numeroff. A perfect read for any pre-k or kindergarten class! It is sure to delight and giggles are certain to ensue. First introduced in If You Give A Pig A Party dog shines in this tale and he has fun adventures all his own. Here are a few fun activities to accompany this great read a loud!


1. Make donut patterns with your students! The book starts and ends with a donut so let the kids make a pattern out of different donut cut outs.
2. Play ball! To extend learning to the playground play t-ball with your pre-k kiddos to relate to the dog playing baseball. Or toss a ball around the circle and when the student catches the ball they have to tell you a word that starts with the letter Dd!
Activities for If you give a dog a donut by laura numeroff3. Make a dog! Use construction paper to create your own dog. Talk about the dog in the story and what he did. Talk about if a real dog could do they things in the story.
4. Have an alphabet treasure hunt! Dog goes on a treasure hunt in the story let your kiddos take a fun treasure hunt to look for/dig for letters! All you need for this activity is a container large enough for kids to explore in, letters—magnetic, foam or cardboard–, shovels and a big imagination! Place the letters in the container and cover with dirt or sand. Then let kids explore using shovels to find hidden treasure aka letters! Have the students identify the letters that they find and tell you the sound it makes!

Hope you enjoy this fun and funny book with your kiddos! Happy Planning!

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