Glad Monster, Sad Monster A Book About Feelings

Glad Monster, Sad Monster A Book About Feeling

By Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda

Hey everybody this is Charles. Summer has been typing her fingers off with Eric Carle week so I thought I would give her the day off. Being a trained school counselor I find myself getting really excited when I find

Glad Monster, Sad Monster A Book About Feelings

Silly Mask from Glad Monster, Sad Monster

children’s books that dive into understanding feelings. Glad Monster, Sad Monster A Book About Feelings by Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda not only touches on the subject, but comes equipped with a great activity that students can do while the book is read to them. Glad Monster, Sad Monster covers many feelings by stating what makes the monster glad, angry, worried etc. and then gives students the opportunity to put on their monster mask for the corresponding feeling (comes with the book) and tell their classmates or teacher what makes them glad, angry, worried etc. The masks make sharing easier because the students are hidden behind the mask. The book covers 7 feelings including happiness, anger, caring for others, worry, fear, and then ends with silliness. As an added bonus the book also covers colors!

Alternate Activity:

As I stated before the book comes with a great activity with the masks; however, there is only one mask per feeling so in larger classes it could be a great option to let students make their own “feelings” mask to use during feelings activities. The mask does not have to be about a specific feeling just a on they can use to cover their face while sharing. Here is a mask that I made!

Glad Monster, Sad Monster A Book About Feelings

Craft Feelings Mask


American School Counselor Association (ASCA)  Standards:

  • Standard A: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes and interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others.
    • PS:A1 Acquire Self-knowledge
      • PS:A1.5 Identify and express feelings

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