Classroom Management: Free Classroom Rules Printable

Free Classroom Rules Printable

The Rules Of The Classroom!

Free Classroom Rules Printable!

I cannot believe my summer is already coming to an end! I go back to work this week and I am scrambling to finish a few last minute back to school projects. I will have a few mandatory weeks of professional development, paper work and of course getting my room set up before the kiddos come back in August. Today, I had my husband help me create a cute border to match my classroom theme for my classroom rules. They turned out so cute! I use Dr. Jean’s rules from her Rules Rap (Purchase Here). It is a song that I play in my classroom daily as a reminder of the rules and my students always love it! This year I am also creating motions for each rule and I will have a rules leader as one of my classroom jobs. My rules leader will stand up with me in front of the circle and help me lead the class in reciting and doing the motions to our rules before circle time begins. We will also sing the rules rap right after for part of our music and movement. The repetition will help my “littles” to commit the rules to memory. Then when I see someone breaking a rule I can say Rule #___ and we all recite the rule together and move on with our lesson. This way we are all getting a reminder of how to behave and the individual is not being called out by name. Check out how they turned out!

Download: Free Classroom Rules Printable from Teacher’s Land

How do you do your rules?


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  2. Any suggestions for classroom rules and behaviors for online learning? I am piloting a new textbook (online) and would like some help organizing online usage rules.

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