5 Great Pre-K Math Activities

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Giving children a foundation to build number sense is very important. Learning might as well be fun to help kids build a great outlook on math, as they grow older. Here are five fun Pre-K math activities that build number recognition and counting skills.

1. Simon Says: A game we all know from our childhood that is a great way to teach math through movement. Simon says jump three times, Simon says tap your foot two times etc. My students loved this last year! I had them all count out loud as they did the actions and my assistant helped me to monitor counting abilities.
Counting wheel with clothes pins - Teacher's Land Pre-K Math Activities2. Counting Number Clip Games: These are great activities to work on counting and they also help with the development of fine motor skills! Teacher’s Land has two number clip games currently available for free download. The first is our Counting Wheel 1-10. Students count the objects in each slice of the wheel and clip the corresponding number clip to it. The second is our Number Match Game. To play this game students count the number of objects on the card and place the clothespin over the corresponding number. Each card has three choices of numbers. We have several counting clip games that are going to be included in our owl themed math center pack that will soon be in out TPT store. The pack is already over 30 pages!
3. Number Bingo: Always a fun way to review number recognition! I know my student’s last year enjoyed playing this during small group time or asking if someone would help them play during centers. The image below is a sneak peak at our Owl Themed BINGO game that will also be included in a owl themed Math Center Pack that we are working on. Owl Number BINGO Teacher's Land Pre-K Math Activities
Dice in small container Free Math Printables for PRe-K and Kindergarten Techers vol. 24. Roll and Cover Games: These are great additions to math centers and kids love them! Its an easy concept students simply roll dice and count the number on the dice and cover that many spaces on their board. Students play until their board is covered. To keep dice from flying across my classroom or from getting lost underneath shelves I put them in small Tupperware containers. Teacher’s Lands version is available for free download. Again, there are several roll and cover games that will be included in our owl themed math center pack.
5. Egg Number Match: To prepare this activity you will need plastic Easter Eggs and a Sharpe. You write a number on one half of an egg and place corresponding dots on the other. To play the students count the dots and find the corresponding number and put the eggs together. This is a fun activity and it’s a way to reuse all of those plastic Easter eggs!Counting Easter Eggs Pre-K Math Activities

Hope your students enjoy these activities as much as mine do! Happy Planning!


  1. Shaana Ramseur says:

    Thank you so much for these ideas, I cant wait to use them in my classroom

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